Credit to Errieda du Toit @huiskok for this picture taken on set at Kyknet's Kokkedoor cooking competition

Credit to Errieda du Toit @huiskok for this picture taken on set at Kyknet’s Kokkedoor cooking competition

I’m the girl next door, who happens to adore everything about food. Making, eating, sharing, writing consuming cookbooks, consuming food blogs, following foodies on Twitter and following food TV.
The name Lemon and the Dachshund, is simply a collection of my two favourite things in my life. I always have lemons on a table, used in a dish, next to a dish, even in the dishwashing water. And naturally my other loves of my life, my Dachshunds.
Both of these two favourites have the ability to turn a seemingly dreary and miserable day into a bright one. It can be as simple as the fresh smell when you cut through a lemon or the simple act of an excited Dachsie when I get home.

Dachsie luxury
I am coming of a certain age, where you either stick to what you are doing till you retire or you make a drastic change. I made that change – leaving the corporate salaried environment to pursue what I love – FOOD. Therefore what I’m currently doing all revolves around food. I do styling, food writing, food television, creative collaboration with other foodies, conceptualising for food events (big or small) and generally jumping in if anyone in my foodie circle need hands or any help.
My food history
I don’t have a food history where I spent time with gran or mum in the kitchen, baking or helping. Nope, sorry, I was the one who was always somewhere in a tree or building bridges over water streams on the farm, or generally missing in action whenever things were happening in the kitchen. In my imaginary world it was all fantasy, so I was either a cowboy, Supergirl, anywhere else but in the kitchen.
However, it is all about who crosses your path in life. And the people that crossed my path in all different times in life ignited this fascination and love for food and all things culinary. It became a lot more important in my life than I would’ve ever imagined. The result of which is that I studied part time and received my Diploma in Culinary Art in 2011.
My blog = my current food fascination
Being a believer in the fact that you must always keep on learning something, I constantly try and explore new things connected to food. So, by following my blog, you’re in fact accompanying me on my personal map of food fascinations.
Just be warned that I’m about honest food. I completely appreciate the molecular geniuses, but you won’t find me with the goggles & gloves, doing the nitro. Give me good ingredients, a challenge and this baby is happy.
One recurring fascination you will always find riddled through my blog will be with Thai, Chinese & Japanese cooking. After all, if you talk about honest food, I find this kind of cooking right up there.
I want to share with you my successes and failures. You’ll also meet up with my food mentors and heroes. Enjoy the journey with me and hope there’s a laugh in there somewhere as well.


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  1. Well done Catherine…following our passion rather than our pensions is one of the best ways to ensure a happy, health life – as one foodie to another, happy cooking…x

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